Biographies of the Inklings:
Hugo Dyson

A committed Christian, English academic, and member of the Inklings literary group, Henry Victor (Hugo) Dyson was born in 1896. He taught English at the University of Reading between the years of 1924 to 1945, when he obtained a fellowship with Merton College Oxford. He continued working as an emeritus fellow even after his retirement in 1963, giving many memorable lectures to his students about the “modern” literature paper and discussing other writers with the insight of one who was a personal friend with many of the authors.

Comparatively, Dyson wasn’t particularly prolific in his own writing, but his lectures and conversation had a dramatic effect on his students and others around him. He was an expert on Shakespeare. In the early 1960s he was asked to host some televised lectures and plays about the great playwright, and because of this Dyson made a few good friends in the filmmaking business, earning him a small part in the 1965 film, Darling.

Dyson was known as the fun-loving member of the Inklings literary group, and attended meetings regularly. He lived in the east Oxford suburb of Headington on Sandfield Road (the same road J.R.R. Tolkien lived on for some time) until his death in 1975. Dyson was buried in Holywell Cemetery Oxford.

Courtney McCullough

Author and Proofreader