For today's stop on Author Marilynn Dawson's virtual book tour for her next book, A Year in Prayer With Jesus, we get to play reporter! Our feature today is a promotional blurb which you are free to snitch and pass on to your local Christian magazines, newspapers, radio stations, etc.

The Lord's Prayer Like You've Never Read it Before!

“I grew up beside the ocean and often heard the saying, “God can't steer a berthed ship.” If the concept of being in prayer does not move a person to action in some way, then the relationship with God is mere talk, empty words.”

Everyone has heard The Lord's Prayer recited at least once in their lifetime, if they have lived anywhere near a Church or near any community influenced by Christianity. Prayer has generally been considered the manner in which petitions are made of The Most High. Author Marilynn Dawson suggests there is more to this concept called prayer, and more to The Lord's Prayer than simply rattling it from memory.

According to Dawson, this prayer was meant to be used as a guide, an outline of principles to consider when entering into conversation with God. To that end, she has created a 365 day prayer guide with roughly 2,555 verses from the Bible, and equally as many prayer prompts. Prayer for Dawson, is all about deepening the relationship one has with God, learning His will for their lives, and actively tending to the things that beat His heart.

Dawson doesn't think much of people getting up to give long-winded prayers, yet at the same time, she challenges the reader, actually dares them, to attempt this guide in less than an hour each day! It might be worth picking up the book to find out what this apparent contradiction is all about.

Her book is entitled, A Year in Prayer With Jesus and will be available via Amazon and other outlets by September of this year.

Click this link here to get your twenty-fourth single day prayer guide outline.

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