Dear Fairy Godmother,

There is a young man whose family is pretty good friends with mine. We have a lot of mutual friends and attend some of the same clubs. Because of this, I find myself in his presence fairly frequently. He is the most aggravating person I know, and yet...I still find myself falling heavily for him.

Now, to the root of the problem: it is very obvious that he returns my affection. I should be jumping up and down with happiness (which I am, in some ways), but my happiness is marred by three factors. One, I would suffer relentless teasing from my family (and his) if we ever became a couple; two, I have not told him how I feel yet; and three (most importantly), both of us consider ourselves too young to date.

My question: Should I tell him how I feel? Should I pursue a relationship? Because my feelings are returned, it makes it all that much harder to contain myself when around him, and that is unavoidable. I’ve been toiling for a couple months over this as my feelings deepen, and so far have managed to conceal (most) signs of my heightened affections. How should I proceed?


~ ~ ~

Dear Princess,

What would your main goal be in entering a relationship? Ask yourself that before you make a decision. In the meantime, I have some experience-gained insight for you.

I once found myself in a similar situation. We admitted the feelings were mutual, but, being young fairies, agreed we weren’t old enough to date. For months, we continued in this dance: reminding each other of our feelings, yet maintaining that we were too young to act on them with a true commitment.

Our choices caused many tears, during and after. The delightful butterfly feelings only last for so long—which is what makes committing so important.

Still, I’m grateful we didn’t date. We were young and still growing. Though we’re friends to this day, our values no longer match. He’s a good guy, but I wouldn’t want him as a husband.

My advice is to wait and pray, and speak to adults who know you both. The feelings may continue to grow, or they may fade; either will bring you guidance for your next step. And finally, if dating is in your future—don’t let the teasing keep you from what you know is right. Relationships are beautiful when they’re in God’s timing.

Daisy Willofroste
Fairy Godmother