I hopped out; the sky was an inky blue and looked as if diamonds were littered across it. Liam came up behind me, resting his arm on my shoulders. He gazed down at me “Do you like the ending of our date?” I examined the quiet park, nodding.

“I love this ending.” And I did. Liam must have asked my friends what my perfect date was because he aced it. Liam beamed, and then we were quiet again. As we stood a cool breeze curled around us. I shivered, rubbing my arms to generate warmth. Liam walked back to his car and pulled out his jacket from the backseat. He came back and wrapped the jacket around me. I murmured, “Thanks”

“You’re welcome. See, most guys don’t notice when a girl gets cold, but I did,” Liam stated.

“Of course, Liam; you’re perfect.” I chuckled.

“You want to tell my mom that?” he begged.

I laughed then looked back to the twinkling stars.

~ ~ ~


Emily was enjoying the moment, making me feel like the happiest guy in the world. I looped an arm around her waist and tugged her close. Her eyes flickered to mine for moment and leaned into my warm body. I didn’t know how long we stood there, but soon I started to shake with cold, and that warned me that it was time to go. I gazed down at her small frame, my teeth chattering. “I think it’s time to get you home.” She nodded then we walked swiftly to the car. Once we were in I turned up the heat, letting the warmth sink into my skin. The drive to her house seemed really short. I was bummed when I pulled up to her driveway.

~ ~ ~


Once we were out, Liam led the way to my door. On the porch we stopped and faced each other. I didn’t know whether he’d kiss me or hug me. Truthfully, I was hoping for the former. Liam leaned down and my breathing picked up. He cupped my cheek, pressing his lips to mine. It was a nice kiss and I wanted more. Liam pulled away, both our faces flush with excitement and embarrassment. “So,” I babbled “I’ll see you again sometime?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you later tonight to plan our next date,” he finalized.

“Until then I’m keeping your coat, that way you have an excuse to come over.”

Liam smirked. “Okay I’ll look forward to it.”

I smiled, walking to the door I turned back to see him wink. I slipped inside with a smile.

~ ~ ~


I waited until the door was shut before heading back to my car. As I drove home I knew exactly what I was going to get her on our next date. She would love if I got her Lucy; the image of her smiling face brought a grin to mine. I reached my apartment complex and made my way up to my unit. I walked in, reaching for the phone. It was later that night so I called her.

“Hello?” a soft happy voice answered.

“Hey, it’s later tonight,” I joked.

“So it is. What are you doing?”

“Just talking to you and getting ready for bed,” I answered.

“Oh then I should let you get ready,” she stammered.

“It’s fine Emily. I just wanted to hear your voice again,”

“Aww Liam that’s so sweet.”

“I say that to everyone.”

“Sure you do,” she teased.

I chuckled “so about our next date, how about next Wednesday?” I could hear shuffling and paper turning.

“I guess Wednesday could work. Do I get to know where we’re going?”

I thought for a moment “Maybe.”

She laughed “okay then, see you Wednesday.”

“See you then,” I hung up, changed into my sweats, and crawled into bed. I fell asleep thinking about Emily.

~ ~ ~


After Liam hung up I put the phone back on its holder. I floated down the hall feeling light as a cloud and happy like a little child on his birthday. I changed into my pj’s and I lay down on my bed, staring at the ceiling. It took me awhile to fall asleep but I did with a smile on my face.

~ ~ ~


Saturday morning I was raking my lawn when I heard the phone start ringing. I dropped my rake and rushed into the house. I grabbed it just in time and answered in a breathless voice “Hello?”

“I can’t believe you were waiting with bated breath,” said a musical voice. I smiled when I realized it was Emily.

“Hey you, miss me?” I asked.

“Oh yes Liam, I laid awake last night missing you and your wonderful personality.” She told me in a sarcastic tone.

I laughed and told her “Well I was thinking about you.” Silence echoed on the other line. I frowned thinking she had hung up. Then I heard a quiet giggle and what sounded like a happy dance. I busted out laughing and waited for her to finish.

“Sorry,” she told me. “Some squirrel was trying to steal some of the bird feed.” I knew she was lying but I went with it.

“That’s okay, I just found out something interesting,” I told her.

“Oh really? What is it?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you some other time,” I didn’t want to embarrass her with the knowledge that I knew about her happy dance. We chatted for a few more minutes before she told me she had to go and visit her mother. I hung up and went back to raking my lawn happily.

Emily Rademacher