Dear Fairy Godmother,

I am very confused! There is this boy who I think may be my future prince charming, but I keep getting mixed signals. We have chatted times online and have fun-filled conversations, but when I see him, he gives me weird looks, pokes me (teasingly), and sometimes doesn't even say “hi”. I know I’m not ready for a relationship yet, but I can’t help but wonder if this is going to turn into something more in the future. I know that people say that if a boy teases you, that means he likes you, but I think he should have grown out of that stage already! What should I do?

A Very Confused Maiden

Dear Maiden,

You seem to be handling this situation maturely—I'm impressed. Boys can be silly sometimes, and I agree that he should be past the teasing stage. Since he’s not, that can be further confirmation that the two of you aren’t ready to date.

Keep getting to know him as a friend, as you are. When you get closer to him, if he continues to ignore you sometimes, ask him why. It's best to get things like that out in the open, because holding it in can cause frustration. There may be a reasonable explanation for it, or he may not realize he’s doing it. If it’s the latter, he should stop when you bring it up, or at least try to. If it's neither of those, that's certainly a warning sign.

Does the teasing bother you? If so, bring that up, too. If it doesn’t, just accept it. Try not to play the guessing game. Pulling petals off flowers (“He loves me; he loves me not”) ends with a different answer every time; so does trying to interpret his actions. Focus instead on the friendship you share, and leave it at that.

When he’s ready, he’ll be direct about his feelings. If he’s dropping hints but saying nothing, he’s not ready.

I know the waiting is difficult. Prayers help; our Papa is an expert at helping our hearts through this kind of thing.

Daisy Willofroste
Fairy Godmother