Dear Fairy Godmother,

So there's his guy who has feelings me. I couldn't tell before but now it's obvious. But I don't love him back. I know his family, and his sister is a good friend of mine. What's worse is his friend is trying to get the two of us together, and I've got a major crush on the best friend. I'm too young to date now, but what happens when I am old enough to date? I don't want to be mean or cause any pain! Things used to be so much simpler.

A Modern Guinevere

Dear Guinevere,

That does sound like a tricky situation! For the moment, you have the excuse of being too young. If either of them approaches you, you can tell them you’re sorry, but you’re not ready to date yet. That will spare their feelings while still being honest. The feelings may fade before you’re old enough for them to ask again.

The feelings may continue to grow, though. If that happens, the best thing to do is to be clear. Men don’t appreciate being strung along, even if in your mind it’s out of kindness. It’s possible to be candid without being cruel.

Finally, although feelings can sometimes show us who we’re meant to be with, they can also lead us astray. Don’t brush this young man off too quickly. Try to be open to the possibility that he may be your prince after all.

Daisy Willofroste
Fairy Godmother